๐ŸŽ‘NFT Puppets

NFTS Puppets will play an important role in the project.

Our NFTs will play a crucial role in our project as they are expected to generate value for our token. We plan to release a new collection each season to keep things fresh and exciting.

With the sale of these NFTs, we expect to generate revenue that can be reinvested in the project and used to deliver the kind of appreciation that our holders expect. The success of our NFT collections will depend on collector demand.

In short, our NFT strategy is an essential component of our project's overall success and we are committed to creating collections that capture our audience's imagination and help us achieve our goals.


5 % of the proceeds will be invested in Marketing

25% of the proceeds will be used for development

70% of the proceeds will be used to buy Puppets Tokens to the Stake NFT

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